Web apps to visualize safer streets.

3DStreet is a set of open-source web-based tools to visualize safer streets, including a street component for A-Frame, a collection of street 3D assets, and reference demo apps.

Streetmix to A-Frame 3D Scene

Reference app that demonstrates how to take a URL of a streetmix street and load it in 3D with a skybox using A-Frame with orbit (scene rotation) controls for desktop or VR with compatible WebXR headsets. (VR - Oculus Quest supported, others not tested)

Mapbox Satellite View with A-Frame Presentation Component

Demo combining mapbox, 3DStreet, and the A-Frame presentation component. (Demo is desktop only, mobile map view not aligned correctly, vr not tested.)

Game Proof of Concept - Robot Runner

Demo intended to show proof of concept of "endless runner" style game with animated character using 3DStreet as background animation.

Utility Proof of Concept - Virtual Signals with Debug Clipboard

Demo intended to show proof of concept of "signal simulator" style utility with pedestrian signals and "magic" traffic signal remote debugging clipboard.

Contributing to 3DStreet

I welcome contributions to 3DStreet. I prefer submitting a pull request to the 3DStreet GitHub repo which includes the street A-Frame component and 3D assets. I am also recruiting for specific volunteer and paid contracts below.

Paid Contracts (Project-based, application required)

Available Roles - Volunteer (Through code for America)

  • Web Dev who wishes to learn A-Frame / three.js
  • User Experience Research and Design

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